Make your own Tie-Dye Mickey Head Shirt

This simple and fun tee-shirt design looks like traditional tie-dye but without the mess!


  • pre-washed white tee shirts
  • permanent markers–I used Sharpie markers
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Eye dropper
  • Rubber bands
  • Glasses in two different sizes (One size for head and a smaller size for the ears)
1. Decide where you would like your mouse head to be positioned and place the bigger glass under the front of the shirt and secure with a rubber band.
2. Begin dotting around the edge of the glass  with the permanent markers. You can alternate colors and experiment using dots or dashes. Make sure you are letting the ink soak into the shirt.
3. Using the eye dropper, apply isopropyl alcohol around the edge of the glass where you just colored. Now watch as the colors begin to spread.
4. Remove the glass and repeat the above direction for each ear.


  • The more isopropyl alcohol you apply, the more the color will spread.
  • Sharpie recommends that before you wash the shirt,  you  apply a heat setting to it. Throwing it in the dryer for a few minutes should help set the design and minimize fading.


  1. We did the sharpie tie-dyeing in 1st grade, and now my 18 y/o and 16 y/o daughters graduated to regular tie-dyeing, you know the messy way. But this will definitely bring them back to their 1st grade experience, and we will have to do these this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Would this work w/ black sharpies on a red shirt? Thinking that might make a cool looking shirt for our trip.

    • I don’t see why not. What a great idea! The ink will run on any shirt and black would be dark enough to see. If you do this, send me a picture. I’d love to post it on the site.

  3. Tonya M. says:

    I love this!! Thank you so much~ I did 6 shirts tonight in about an hour- so easy and super cute! I can’t wait to see my kiddos wearing them (me and hubby too!)

  4. After many unsuccessful tries at making my own shirt with transfer iron on via copy and paste on Word and countless frustrating hours, I came across this site and I am so excited that I finally found something that I can do that will work and doesn’t look like everyone else’s creation! One question, the instructions state to use a white shirt, would this work on different colors; yellow with black Sharpie, pink with purple Sharpie, etc.?


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